Have a questions? The team is ready to assist you. Please email sales@401kinabox.net for assistance.

  • How do I know which plan is right for me? We walk you through a few simple questions to determine which plan makes the most sense for your company.
  • How do I sign up? Register for an account. Complete the online election form and pay via credit card. You may also email the team at ⦁ sales@401kinabox.net for assistance.
  • I want my Financial Advisor to have access to my account. Is that possible? Yes. Your FA can have his/her own account to assist with your retirement plan needs.
  • How much does a retirement plan cost? Depending on which plan you select, prices vary. Please visit Choose Plan Type to learn more about fees.
  • How do I communicate with the team at 401kInaBox? Contact the team via email at sales@401kinabox.net or via phone at 1-844-602-4015. Clients may use the Communication tool in the client portal as well.