Safe Harbor 401(k)

Safe Harbor 401(k) plans offer advantages for employers who want to provide company incentives to their employees without the hassle of complicated plan testing and administration.

  • Employees can contribute up to IRS maximum
  • Employer contributions are 100% vested
  • Employer can choose between Safe Harbor Match formula or Safe Harbor Non-elective formula
  • Not subject to ADP/ACP discrimination testing
  • Unlimited Investment Options
  • Can offer Loan or Hardship Features
  • Roth options are available

  • Employers with HCEs (highly compensated employees) who want to make maximum contributions without worrying about mandatory discrimination or top-heavy testing
  • Employers who want to simplify administration, who are already contributing an employer contribution that meets or exceeds the safe harbor contribution requirement
  • Any size company can adopt a Safe Harbor plan
  • Companies that wish to make fixed or matching employer contributions
  • Companies who want to attract employees by offering 100% vested employer contributions
  • Current plans that consistently fail the ADP/ACP testing
  • Current plans that are required to make a top-heavy minimum contribution
  • Companies who would prefer higher employee / employer contribution limits and more flexibility than a SIMPLE 401(k) plan

⦁ A dollar-for-dollar match with a maximum employer match of 4% of compensation.

⦁ A dollar-for-dollar match on first 3% of compensation plus a 50 cent match on the next 2% of pay contributed for a maximum match of 4% of compensations.

⦁ A dollar-for-dollar match with a maximum of 6% of compensation.

⦁ A 3% of compensation contribution whether or not the employee contributes to the plan.

⦁ 401kInABox allows both pre-tax 401(k) deferrals and after-tax Roth deferrals.

⦁ Profit sharing (additional fee applies).

* Please note that this fee will be applied to your setup fee when you sign up. This fee will be waived for clients who are working with a Financial Advisor.
Explanation of Service Fee
Plan Illustration and Consultation $99*
Initial Setup Fee $499
Conversion Fee $499
Annual Administration including filing of IRS Form 5500-SF
Eligibility criteria for 401(K) SafeHarbor plan
Additional Services (if applicable)
Annual Per Participant Fee Up to 15 participants included
Additional Participants $10/participant
Profit Sharing (up to 15 participants included) $350
Distribution processing (paid by employee) $125
Loan processing (paid by employee) $125
Form 5558 extension $99
If census and asset data is not received by June 28th of the following year $99
Plan Document Maintenance $125
Plan termination $699