Solo/Owner 401(k)

Solo/Owner-only 401(k) plans are designed for business owners (and their spouses), who do not have any eligible employees, who work more than 1000 hours in a plan year. These plans can also be designed for individuals who operate as Sole Proprietors or as companies (e.g. LLC, Partnership, Corporation, or Independent Contractor).

  • Easy to open and maintain
  • Each participant may contribute maximum per IRS limits, plus catch-up contribution if age 50+
  • High maximum contributions and contribution flexibility
  • Roth options are available
  • Flexibility in investments
  • Investment control- you can invest in any fund company
  • Our plan document allows you to invest in more than one fund company
  • No IRS Form 5500 filing required (if less than $250,000)
  • Loan option
  • Rollover option

For more detailed information, please visit the IRS website and our Knowledge Center.

  • Medical practices
  • Software professionals
  • Real Estate professionals
  • Technology entrepreneurs
  • Small Business owners
  • Solo/Owner practitioners

* Please note that this fee will be applied to your setup fee when you sign up. This fee will be waived for clients who are working with a Financial Advisor.

Explanation of Service Fee
Plan Illustration / Initial Consultation $99*
Initial Setup Fee $250
Annual administration, including filing of IRS Form 5500-EZ (if applicable) $250
Additional Services (if applicable)
Form 5558 Extension $99
Loan Processing Fee $149
Annual Loan Maintenance $85
Distribution Processing Fee $125
Plan Document Maintenance $125
IRS Form 1099-R Preparation $125
Phone Calls to Plan Sponsor $25/call
Plan Termination $150